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Roadmap to Psychological Health for Life

At the Tip of Your Fingers

Are you feeling stuck?
Ever wanted a Roadmap to Change Your Life?
Navigate the steps towards the changes you want in your life using this "Roadmap to Wellness".

Ducks Over the Lake

Step 1 -
Making a Connection

Underwater Dive

Step 2 -
Preparing for Change

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Step 3 - Growing Your Opportunities

Dandelion Parachute Seed

Step 4 - Staying Accountable to YOU

Get the support of a skilled professional by making appointments with a psychologist. You can also set up meetings with other supports you trust.

To change intentionally, gather the courage to dive deep. Seek to identify what  - in your world - gets you stuck and what changes you want.

The questionnaire "My Changes" is the best way to identify and prioritize changes.

Gift yourself! You are flying - taking the steps needed to make positive personal change!

Identify, explore, and discover what carries you through to new opportunities in your life.

Keep yourself accountable to your priorities.

Enlist support to help you stay accountable to the changes you need.

Roadmap Overview: Resources
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