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Step 2 -
Preparing for Change

To change intentionally, gather the courage to dive deep. Seek to identify what  - in your world - gets you stuck and what changes you want.

You might be constantly unhappy, disconnected, or anxious. You might want contentment, connection, or calm. Whatever the changes are, keep on going. You will get there. And if you think you are alone in the feeling of muddling through, don't worry, everyone else is just muddling along too, just doing the best they can with what they've got.

Some people wait for time to change them. Some sit peacefully. Others need to move. Either way, we need to devote time to changing ourselves. Do you deserve to make an investment in yourself?

It’s vitally important to recognize the need to invest time and energy to make the Personal Changes you need to improve your life. If you make the changes intentionally, like learning to swim, your life will gradually change in accord with your choices. You will gain more control of your life.

You want change? Then you have to actively change something. The questionnaire "My Changes" is one of the best ways to identify the changes you are most craving in your life, right now, at this moment.

Even if you don't know your priorities before you move on to Step 3, remember to be courageous. It's okay to jump ahead to Step 3. There you will find some information and tools to help you prepare for changes already beginning to emerge in your life.

Feel free to explore them. They are for you! Visit these resources as you begin Growing Your Toolkit!

Step 2 - Preparing for Change: Resources
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